Nakeisa Jackson

Hi, Nakeisa Jackson here! I am a young 28 year old from Atlanta, GA. I was born in Atlanta and grew up in Decatur, GA. Decatur is very close to Atlanta but its not in Atlanta. You have to live here to understand it. I am happily married with two bonus kids that I enjoy. I want to have 5 kids and a set of twins. I believe that you can speak things into existence. Yea that’s what I am doing.

I made this blog to share information about HIV, miscarriages and trying to conceive. This is close to my heart as I was infected with HIV in college. It was devastating but I learned how to cope and live abundantly. I want to end the stigma of this condition. I also have suffered 2 miscarriages which changed my life forever and want to support others like myself.

More about me.

I love to write, read and create. I have a few notebooks of these ideas I come up with for me and others. Its amazing to be honest. I am a music fanatic, my favorite rapper is my husband lol. I also love Lauryn hill, India Arie, Rhi Rhi and so many more. I am a  very bubbly person but can be over sensitive,. This is apart of how this blog came to me. I had 2 miscarriages last year and they changed my life in good ways at the end. These tragedies turned into a beautiful mess. I plan to talk about different aspects of that year as well as advice, tips, features and my journey to having these 5 babies. So I hope that you take this journey with me.