What to Give An Angel Mom for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is around the corner and that’s a pretty big day for me and it could be for you too. It will be the first one since my second miscarriage. Honestly I’m ok as of today it hasn’t hit me yet. For the holiday I want to feature this amazing product but really the woman behind the product. When I first started this blog I was looking for a young woman  because she had affirmation cards for women who who suffered a miscarriage or suffered the loss of a baby. I wanted to share that here.

One day,  I saw her in a fb group that we are apart of  and she was promoting her pins for “Angel Moms” and I was immediately intrigued. I thought this would be an amazing idea for the remembrance of our Angels. It is very thoughtful and creative. But what made her want to do this is even more reason to love this pin.

The creator of this enamel pin is  Jhéanell Adams. She too has dealt with the loss of her baby. She shares her story about her miscarriage  and her life on her site. She also shares a memory that led to the production of these pins. She remembers being at church during a Mothers Day Service and all the mothers standing for acknowledgement and she didn’t. She was upset about her loss that had previously occurred. Her mother encouraged her to stand, she too in fact was a mother who deserved acknowledgement.

This struck a nerve because I too felt like Mother’s Day wasn’t for me. How could it be? I never met my children but they lived in me for sometime. This makes me sad just thinking about it. I felt unworthy of the title. But, why not?

We too had our babies for how ever long which makes us mothers. Our children are in heaven comforting us from afar. This is why what she is doing is so important to all Angel Moms out there. She is a voice for us whose voice just isn’t quite that loud yet.

As I looked further on her site she also offers counseling for baby loss moms. This too is wonderful because we all need a way to cope after a miscarriage and this was one of the seven ways you can cope! Her site is very informative and includes a blog and a podcast. She has a very interesting story and mission that you can check out here.

There are two pins available the first one is I’m a babyloss mom. You can get it here: http://bit.ly/ImABabylossMomEnamelPin

The second enamel pin is the “Still A Mom” pin which you can get it here: http://bit.ly/StillAMomEnamelPin

I think these pins will be a great way to remember that although your babies are not here physically they are still your children. So if Mothers Day is particularly hard for you I hope that a nice gift like this can get you in the spirit. No matter what you decide for Mother’s Day, don’t forget it’s still a day you can be acknowledged on.

5 thoughts on “What to Give An Angel Mom for Mother’s Day?

  1. elenasts says:

    I find this posts about Mother`s Day very hard since I lost my mom couple of years ago. I can`t even imagine how a mother feels after miscarriage. This is a good idea because someone will find it useful, after all we all deal with loss in a different way.


    • aniyahsstory says:

      I’m sorry about your loss and we do all deal with loss differently. I created this to give support to those mamas and anyone that has suffered a loss on and Mother’s Day may not be that exciting.


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